The Institute of Counselling

The Institute of Counselling was founded in 1985 as a Christian-based, independent, educational body committed to prompting counselling and pastoral care. In 2003 it was granted Charitable Status and is a not-for-profit company.


It has the following mission: 

To provide a high level of counselling education and training though tutor-supported open and distance learning in a manner which sustains and develops boith practical counselling skills and theoretical knowledge, within a Christian context.


The specific aims of the Institute include the :

  • Provision of high quality training
  • Development of counselling skills
  • Production of training material for the caring professions and the voluntary sector
  • Provision of counselling services for individuals and groups.

Academic Credit

Glasgow Caledonian University has accredited the Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling Skills at level 3 SCOTCATS Points/Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework level 9. While each university has a specific programme stipulations, The IoC credits can be transferred using the SCOTCATS/CATS scheme into degree programmes offerede either at Glasgow Caledonian University or other Universities subscribing to the scheme. A special University/Institute group as been set up to monitor and support the above Diploma programme. 


Board of Studies  

The Institute’s Board of Studies consists of senior personnel from the caring professions, pastoral ministries and the National Health Service. Its purpose is to oversee and ensure the high academic standing of the Institute’s courses and advise on educational standards and policies.


External Examiner

The Institute’s External Examiner is Dr Stan Gilmore who has had over twenty years’ experience as a tutor with the University of Stirling and the Open University.


Course Tutors

The qualifications of the academic staff reflect he high level of the Institute’s courses. All tutors are qualified at least to degree level or equivalent with postgraduate training in counselling.


Professional Recognition

The Association for Christian Counsellor has professionally recognised the Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling Skills as a training component for Level 3 Professional Counsellor Accreditation.

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